The Pecatonica Educational Charitable Foundation


Pecatonica Educational Charitable Foundation is a mouthful.  One of the reasons we chose that name is that the first part forms the acronym PEC - which is short for Pecatonica and used by our school district and many others in these parts.  The Pecatonica River is a thread that ties our communities together.

The PEC Foundation is a volunteer group of local citizens and community leaders.  We started in 1997 by serving the southwest Wisconsin communities of Hollandale and Blanchardville but over the last decade we have become a regional arts/cultural organization.

Grandview and its many projects thrive because of the large number of volunteers who assist us as hosts, teachers, gardeners, techie and maintenance folks or whatever is needed.

If you would like to volunteer please contact one of our board members or use the information in the “Contacts” section of this web site.

Contributions are gratefully accepted - that’s how we pay the bills.  Gifts to the PEC Foundation/Grandview are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

PEC Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 95

Blanchardville, WI  53516


The Board of Directors

Marilyn Rolfsmeyer

Mary Mayo

Beth Ptak

Mary Lee Carr

Rick Rolfsmeyer

Jaci Gilbertson

Maline Harrell

Janine Tracy

George Harrell

Gardens Coordinator

Mary Mayo


Ruth Rolfsmeyer

PEC Foundation goals

  1. Bullet  Promote or create partnerships between individuals, schools and businesses to expand learning opportunities that improve the quality of life for all

  1. Bullet  Affirm the work of life-long learning by providing scholarships and grants for unique learning opportunities

  1. Bullet  Look for opportunities to bring the world to the community via cultural exchanges, enrichment and educational programs

  1. Bullet  Conduct workshops in the fine arts with an emphasis on developing an appreciation for the arts and celebrating local talent

  1. Bullet   Operate the Nick Engelbert historic site for the general public and make it available to the community for educational and social events

  1. Bullet  Identify and reward community members and educational staff who seek personal growth and provide inspiration for others to learn new skills.

We all keep growing through learning