Thanks to countless donors we have raised the $30,000 needed to restore the Uncle Sam Tableaux, which has not been complete since the early 1970s.  The conservation team will use photo documentation to re-create the donkey and Uncle Sam himself as no fragments were left when the Kohler Foundation restored the rest of the site.

Nick Engelbert knew that American democracy had its challenges, chief among those the different political views of its citizens that found their expression in the two political parties. 

He created one of his most famous statues as a whimsical, good-humored recognition
of those facts:  a resplendent red, white, and blue Uncle Sam has  the team of the Democrat donkey and the Republican elephant yoked together while he wonders how he can ever get this team to work together.

(The clipping on the right is from the Capital Times, 1957.)

Of all Grandview’s art, the piece that most speaks to our time, Uncle Sam and his team is but a shadow of itself.  Sam, Donkey, and caption are gone leaving a forlorn Elephant.

Soon, that will all change.  We really look forward to the restoration of this group of statues.  It will be our largest restoration project in over 20 years.


Success!  The Uncle Sam Tableaux will be restored soon